In the early Nineties the R&D department of Albedo faced the general issues of transmission line loudspeaker systems, formulating for the first time a rigorous mathematical model to describe this specific acoustic configuration. The first outcome of this research has been the development of proprietary software to model with great accuracy the behavior of any classical transmission line system. This work was very important as it allowed to highlight the limitations in other projects developed until then, and the inconsistency of several myths existing in the industry with respect to the very concept of transmission lines. We found, for example, that a duct filled with fibrous stuff is losing in terms of efficiency and size and that the specifications for the parameters to be used for the speaker design are by far more critical and decisive than thought before and, in addition, that the geometrical shape of the duct drastically affects the final results. In the end, we concluded that although the transmission line system has been the subject of studies for

more than half a century, it still deserved further effort in research and understanding. Therefore, we worked at identifying the most suitable absorbing acoustic stuffing and its best disposition inside the duct, with the objective of not penalizing irrevocably the system efficiency. A long and thorough investigation on the fibrous material, natural and eco-compatible, made available in today’s industry, enabled to eventually identify the answers we were looking for. Obviously, these basic principles were complemented with other completely original acoustic solutions like Helmholtz resonators used to equalize the duct emission. The outcome of this volume of studies gave birth in 1995 to the first Albedo project, a two-way loudspeaker system equipped with a small 4" driver, which was introduced by Apex Audio company onto the Italian market. It had a good commercial success with excellent reviews on specialized hi-fi magazines, specifically on Fedeltà del Suono # 46 (Apr ’94) and AudioReview # 164 (Nov ’96).

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The first Albedo project, 1996
The first Albedo project, 1996.
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