The Helmholine system
One of the main problems in the design of a modern transmission line system is the control of spectral components of the duct emission. Typical of this emission are the secondary peaks at medium-low frequencies which are very difficult to eliminate and produce annoying colorations in this frequency range that is so important for the correct sound reproduction, as for example, the fundamental frequencies of male voice. This would be an unacceptable compromise for the correct tonal balance. It does not make sense to suppress such components using absorbing material which would obstruct the transmission line because it causes an undesired loss in the overall level of the system. The solution envisaged by Albedo is a set of internal resonators within the transmission line, which properly shape in a purely acoustical way the line response, preserving the whole depth and neutrality of the bass range. This unique and original system, called Helmholine, is a guarantee of unrivaled superior performance, and has no comparison with any other past or present system available on the world hi-fi market. Exploiting the Helmholine system in all our speakers is made possible thanks to our original software, which is able to produce accurate and specific simulations. This in turn allows to achieve perfect quality of sound reproduction together with an extraordinary aesthetic elegance.

The German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.

The linearizing effect (in red) of Helmholtz resonators.

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